At Perez Moving, we know that whether you’re moving your family across town or across the country, the entire process is a huge undertaking.

The idea of packing up everything you own and transporting it to a whole new house might seem like a logistical nightmare. That’s why Perez Moving is here for you.

We’re happy to bring our professional staff and our expertise to make the moving process as organized as possible.

We work with you to make sure that you get the services you need, whether you need us to move a few items or your entire household.

We adhere to your schedule and will deliver your belongings immediately after you move out, or we can delay the delivery until you’re ready to settle in at your new residence.

You can always check in with us for an update on the progress of your move.

Some customers prefer to move on their own with a rental truck. In that case, Perez Moving will professionally pack up and load your possessions into your truck.

Our goal is always to do everything we can to make your move as easy possible.

Local Moving

We define a local move as in or around Palm Beach, Florida. The total amount of time it takes to complete a move varies depending on the size of your home, the number of possessions you will be transporting and the distance between your old house and your new one. The entire process can take a few hours to a few days.

Long Distance Moving

Moving out of state requires careful planning to be successful. Perez Moving coordinates with our customers to expedite the process and make them feel confident that their personal possessions are in good hands.

Perez Moving will provide you with a checklist and packing tips to help you stay organized throughout the move. Long distance moves often require packing services, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and storage services, all of which are provided by Perez Moving.

International Moving

If you’re moving out of the country, we can pack and pick up all of your belongings and take them to the airport or port where they’ll be transported.


Trying to downsize? Not sure where to get rid of that bulky old furniture? For a fee, we’ll work with a local junkyard or another disposal service to coordinate the drop-off of old furniture and other heavy belongings. Call us today for more information about our dumping services.

Packing & Shipping

Our Perez Moving crews provide packing services to ease your workload and ensure that your personal items arrive at your new home safely. We can carefully pack up everything in your household to ship anywhere in the world.

We also offer custom crating services for large, fragile or specialty items. Rest assured, with Perez Moving, all of your personal effects will arrive at your new destination intact.

For our customers who prefer to pack their own belongings, we can provide high quality packing materials and boxes in every size you could need. We want your valuables to arrive to your new home unharmed.

Our packing and shipping services save our clients time and money. Give us a call today to learn more. We always give free estimates upon request.


Sometimes you need to clear out some extra space in your home. At Perez Moving, we pride ourselves on our careful handling of fragile, valuable items.

Our customers know that when they leave their possessions with us, they are handled with care.

We are an agent for interior decorators, homeowners, condominiums, cooperatives, professionals, government agencies and others, all of whom trust us to store their property safely.

Items we store include:

  • New/used furniture
  • Boxed file storage (e.g. legal files)
  • Carpeting
  • Motorcycles and bikes
  • Fine china
  • Glass hanging chandeliers
  • Mirrors
  • Lamps
  • Works of art
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Outdoor statuary pieces
  • And more